Australian Immigration

There are many categories under which one can migrate to Australia: skilled, family, business and others. We provide  excellent guidance with  professional  support  throughout  the Migration process  to our valued clients.  In addition to our expertise through past experience our alliance with leading Australian Law firm specializes in migration related issues  enables us to offer a high quality and reliable service in this area.  All our Migration Agents are expert and experienced in  dealing complex migration issue  .  Our expertise in Migration law will give you an advantage to secure  you migration program  before you start .

If you are in Australia you need to contact our Registered Migration Agent (RMA) for  assessments . All applications in Australian are screened and lodged by our RMA in Australia . See  onshore Migration  services  page.

As a preliminary stage we examine your personal circumstances in a pre-assessment procedure and then advise you as to your chances, options, what would be the best strategy to follow and under which category to apply in order to have the best chances of success. As soon as we assess you suitable we  send you letter of advise which contain all information regarding  How you qualify , Why you are qualifying , your point test  system, Time table and  Fee Structure.

The skilled migration procedure is usually formed of two stages:

The first stage: Skills Assessment by the relevant assessing government body.

The second  stage: Lodgement of  application for permanent residence at Department of Immigration

We strongly advise our client  to apply for permanent residence, in order to be in the best personal and professional position when they come to Australia as you are already aware that Australia currently give job offer to permanent resident /immigrants only .   That is the best option when it is available to the applicant, but each case is examined on an individual basis and we will find the best solution in cooperation with the client and accommodate to their needs with maximum flexibility.

Apart from skilled migration, we  also specialize in dealing with business migration, family & spouse migration, student visas and all the other categories of migration. Sometimes the migration procedures might seem simple but they are very intricate and misleading. There are daily changes in the migration laws and different internal policies of the assessing and government bodies, so that only professionals in the field can keep up to date with that and be sure that all the right factors have been taken into account.

We continuously get applications from individuals that wasted a lot of time and money on their efforts to apply by themselves and have used the wrong procedure or made other mistakes and they try to correct the damage that has already been done, we can still help at that stage but it’s much harder than to do it right the first time. Migrants to Australia are not selected because of their race, gender or culture. Instead, qualification to migrate depends on such things as your skills, health, age, finances, and ability to speak English and whether you have family or business contacts here.

Each individual case is different, as it has totally different circumstances and therefore it’s a process that needs a lot of personal care, attention to detail and expertise. In our partnership we possess all those qualities  in the light of past successful application which acts as a model for you .Therefore we are able to provide you with a very professional representation and support team to go along together with you throughout this lengthy, complex but also exciting process

We wish you the best of luck in this life-changing journey to Austral

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