Business Owner

Business Owner (provisional) (subclass 160)

This visa is ideal for applicants wish to establish new business or manage existing business in Australia. This visa is provisional visa and articulates towards the Australian permanent residency.



 Establish a new or existing business in Australia

Travel in and out of Australia any number of times as long as the visa is valid

Have your family accompany you to Australia. They will have access to work and study rights

Establish a pathway to permanent residence.

You must meet the following requirements to be eligible for this visa. You must provide evidence of each of the requirements with your application.


 You must be less than 45 years old.

State/Territory notification

You have notified the appropriate regional authority of a state or territory of your intention to develop a business in that State or Territory.

English level

You must have a vocational level of English. Must achieve General training IELTS score 5 in all modules.

Business assets

You (and your partner combined) had net assets in a qualifying business of AUD200,000 for at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you apply, and If the business was a publicly listed company, you (and your partner combined) must have owned at least 10% of the business for at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you apply.

Annual Turnover

The annual turnover of your main business (or two main businesses combined) was at least AUD500,000 in at least two of the four fiscal years immediately before you apply.

Total assets

Your (and your partner’s) total assets have a net value of at least AUD500,000, and were legally acquired and are capable of being transferred to Australia within two years of being granted this visa. You have sufficient assets (additional to those above) of at least AUD100,000 to settle in Australia.

Business career

You have an overall successful business career.

You have not been engaged in a business where the provision of professional, technical, or trade services took up more than half your time.

You and your partner have never been involved in unacceptable business activities.

Your intended involvement in business in Australia

You have a commitment to maintain an ownership interest in a business in Australia and direct and continuous involvement in the management of that business.

There is a need for you to live in Australia on a temporary basis to conduct or establish the proposed business activity.

Please send you’re complete resume at migration@auscanz.comfor assessment in confidence for permanent settlement in Australia under this subclass. Our team of practiced migration agents has successfully settled several families in Australia under this class.