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Auscanz International Group  offshore offices in Pakistan offers   professional   consultancy   to  prospective students who  wish to study  in Australia  in different   recognized universities  and  colleges  from all across Australia   and help them lodging their student visa application  for  subsequent  grant of visa under the  guidance of professionally trained Education Counselors.

Besides helping students for placements Auscanz International Group has an excellent   command on professionally handling typical offshore   Australian migration applications.   We have an outstanding success record for both student visa and Australian migration Consultancy since the establishment of the agency in 1998.

Onshore Services in Australia 

Auscanz International Pty Ltd   holding of Auscanz International Group in Australia  is offering following onshore services to students and immigrants :

Migration Services

General Skilled Migration

Temporary Residency

Permanent Residency

Family Visa

Tourist Visa

Spouse Visa

Employer Nomination  Visa

State Sponsorships

MRT and RPT Appeals

Education Services

Student  Visa

Change of Course Provider

Advise for Change to the right course

Skills Assessments

Student  Visa Extensions

Change of Subclass – 572 to 573 & vice versa

Support for Job   Ready Program


Our onshore service options

 Options 1:  Advise only Service

If    you are  interested   only in having our advise on the application  and would like to  lodge application yourself  you can do so  by registering yourself  for  option 1  by using the form below.

You also need to pay  for this service at the rate of  A$ 100 for  3o minutes advise over the phone .  Advise will be given to you by our experienced RMA’S  after confirmation of registration .

Payment options for this service :

You can pay in accordance with the time your required from RMA’S over the phone .  You  can make payment through credit  card  or through PayPal.   Click here to pay securely.  

Advise Only Service Contact number for appointments:  +61396789015

Option 2:  Full service  

If you are interesting in engaging   us  for  full service through which your application will  be screened and lodged by our  experienced RMA’s . You need to register for options 2 using the form below .  Our RMA will give your appointment subject to availability to have one  to one meeting with you   and to  pre assess  your application before  signing a formal contract .

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