Study in UK

As an International student from outside the united kingdom or EU you need to  apply for a student visa. You can only apply for a student visa if you plan to study a full-time degree course within the UK. Student visas are not issued for part-time courses. Your eligibility is assessed using a points-based rules system referred to as a Tier 4 Student Visa.

You need 40 points to apply for a student visa. This is achieved by:

Course confirmation

you must receive a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a university approved by UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI).

All universities must have been given or applied for highly trusted status (HTS) on the UKVI Tier 4 Sponsor list (30 points). ‘A rated’ colleges can also issue CAS numbers. The ‘A’ rating is a transitional rating for 12 months and all ‘A rated’ Universities or Colleges  should apply for HTS standing within this 12 month transition period.

We have  all  HTS universities  and Colleges with us .  Please contact our UK Education Advisor for list of HTS UK education providers we have agreement with .


You must give proof of funding to pay for each your course tuition fees and your monthly living costs (10 points).

Tuition fees are on average £12,000 per year but will vary from £8,000 to £36,000. You will also need to show that you just have £1,265 for each month of your studies (up to a maximum of 9 months) to pay money for living costs if you study in inner London.  If  you will be studying in inner London for a course of study lasting nine months or more , the maximum amount that you will need is £11,385.

This applies to all or any students looking to study in London. You will be considered to be studying  in London if you’re studying at the University of London, or at institutions wholly or partially within London, or in areas on the border of London such as parts of Essex, Hertfordshire and Surrey.

Visa Application

In order to submit your Tier 4 student visa application, please visit the UK Visa & Immigration web site to finish the web form. International students from all countries (apart from North Korea) have to submit the visa application online. You will additionally need to have your fingerprints and photograph (known as biometric information) taken at a visa application centre as a part of your application.

Immigration Health Service Charge

All nationals from outside of Europe coming to live within the United Kingdom for longer than six months are required to pay a ‘health surcharge’ in order to gain access to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS). The health surcharge is £150 per year (or £75 for six months or less) for college kids and is payable after you submit your visa application on-line. Visa applicants would like to pay up-front for the whole amount of their UK visa.


Need Help with your UK visa application ?

Applying privately would be a overwhelming task for any international student . Speak to our Education Advisors now for  selection of  HTS standing universities or colleges  and assistance for fast track visa processing or email through your education credentials at Alternatively   you can complete our online admission application.