Top Reasons to Consider Applying for a Student Visa in Mauritius

Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean and is easily accessible by flights in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. With immense social, economic and political stability, it acts as a promising destination for students choosing to relocate abroad.

With a host of courses to suit your needs, applying for a student visa in Mauritius can be beneficial academic and career move worth considering. Here are a few more reasons that make applying for a student visa here worth your while–

Mauritius Student Visa

Unlike most other countries, student visas for Mauritius have no language requirement

Furthermore, there is no bank statement requirement.

Universities offer the facility of 100% credit transfer.

The total process time is only 30 working days

It acts as a great Permanent Residency pathway

All students get a 40% scholarship for the 1st year of tuition

No need to interview

You can apply even after a 10-year study gap

Minimum performance criteria is 45 to 50% marks in your last program


Apply for a student visa in Mauritius today!

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