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Why Choose Australia for Education?

Face the fact- Australia holds the third rank amongst the number of international students across the globe, after UK and US. Noted for its educated and modern culture, Australia has contributed a lot to science as well as research via mesmerizing discoveries, high quality educational opportunities, and international collaboration. Australia is located near Asia, one of the fastest developing regions, so has immediate ties to most powerful economic hubs in the world.

While most people relate Australia with kangaroos, green pastures and koalas, in reality, the continent has much more to offer. Its superb education system and great standard of living lures overseas students year after year. It is a superb country famous for its new culture, career and adventure. There are several reasons why students prefer studying in Australia. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Achieve a Globally Renowned Degree: Employers as well as universities across the globe recognize Australian certificates and degrees. Graduates from Australia have good chances of getting through reputed firms worldwide.
  • Lower Living Expenses: Living expenses as well as tuition expenses are preferably lower in Australia in comparison to UK and US.


Institutes in Australia offer various courses and degrees; hence, international students may easily look for school and field, which seem appropriate for them. Students may choose between colleges, universities, vocational education, premier institutes, and English language training.


Ruby Williams-Smith has been with the Auscanz Int Group since its inception almost two decades ago. Allowing students to learn about the latest educational options in Australia, she has been more than an immigration agent, handling every aspect of offshore applications for Australia.

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